Articles and Talks

by George P. Clark

Papa Doc's Haiti -- A Paradise Lost.

From The Courier-Journal & Times Magazine November 3, 1968

Haiti's Agony.

From The Courier-Journal & Times Magazine September 26, 1971

Haiti Lecture

Given before Louisville International Relations Club (Council on Foreign Relations) Oct. 12, 1971

Other Materials

Catechisme de la Revolution (in French)

Tyrants have for centuries indulged in self-glorification and surrounded themselves with sycophants who willingly join in singing praise to the leader. The choruses singing to Papa Doc began to view him as a deity, and Papa Doc's Minister of Information, Paul Blanchet, is credited with supporting this view by ordering the printing of the above catechism containing Duvalierist prayers, litanies and devotional guidance for Haitians. The adaptation of the Lord's Prayer (see page 37) was as follows:

"Our Doc, who art in the Palais National for life, hallowed be Thy name by present and future generations. Thy will be done in Port-au-Prince as it is in the provinces. Give us this day our new Haiti and forgive not the trespasses of those antipatriots who daily spit upon our country; lead them into temptation, and, poisoned by their own venom, deliver them from no evil. Amen."

Written in Blood: The Story of the Haitian People 1492-1971.

By Robert Debs Heinl and Nancy Gordon Heinl. Houghton Mifflin, 1978. 785 pp. A review by George P. Clark

Feb. 25, 1979, Louisville Courier-Journal.