The Local Jews (Hiesige Israeliten)

18 May 1867

In a meeting this week the local Jews adopted the decisions of the Jews on the East Coast by which they refuse take out insurance in any insurance companies that have instructed their agents only exceptionally and with especial caution to insure the property of citizens of the Jewish Confession.

A new Jewish holy person

14 March 1868

The history researchers of the holy "Democrat" indicated in an overview, which was written with essence of roses, about the greatest historical men of Moses' faith in this and the preceding century that the Russian General Suvarov was Jewish. Where the above named scholars made this discovery, we don't know, for they also forgot to give the reference. Therefore we took on ourselves the task and evidently according to all biographies and historical works, Suvarov was a very bigoted Greek Orthodox who kissed the crucifix before every combat or battle and prayed to St. Nicholas.