A Model Preacher

31 Aug 1867

The number of spiritual advisers who appear as wolves in sheep's clothing becomes larger every day. It seems almost as if the majority of these white collars has taken up service with the commander of the nether-world. A Rev. Burns, Baptist, swindled $7000 from a bank in Madison last week and a Rev. Raymond, Methodist, who sought to revive the revivals in and around Tomah, quite coolly took an accordion from the church as he parted, brought it on the train to La Crosse and sold it here to Mr. Angelroth for $20 with which he absconded so that he could revive revivals somewhere else.

Run Away

21 Sep 1867

Two American Reverends (preachers) recently came to Manitowoc on the steamer to make a trip to Milwaukee. In general the ship and railroad companies take that profession into account and charge preachers only half price or very often give them free passes. Our two Reverends weren't known to the boat's captain, and the one introduced the other to the captain in the hope that he would give them a free trip or at least a discount. The captain appears to belong to the mass of non-believers and with a side-glance to the clerk answered: "Very good, dear sirs, you are welcome as passengers; if you're preachers, then you won't therefore have to pay any more than the others!" So he spoke and left the gents with long faces.