Jewish and Islamic.

25. Januar 1872

Something is wrong here,
For it's not Christianity.

Americans call themselves an especially Christian people. Nothing but lies and hypocrisy! I'll admit that in building churches, praying, proselytizing and pamphleteering they are better than any other people, but they're still not in the least a Christian people. What they call the Christian religion are rules partly taken from Jewish and Islamic sources, and the teachings of the New Testament, which should be the source of all Christianity, they throw away. This is no mere assertion, but a fact that isn't hard to demonstrate to any Christian.

The "Christian" religion around here, that is the "American Christian religion," reveals itself and expresses itself in sanctifying the sabbath, prayer and temperance agitation. These three connected elements form the Alpha and Omega of the pious, the entire basis and essence of their religious life. Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Congregationalists, etc., in short today's so-called puritans, come together on these issues in spite of all small confessional differences. Let's look at these three elements more closely.

The sabbath was commanded by Moses to be a Jewish holiday that should be respected according to strict rules and requirements. Anyone who wants to can read more of the detailed stipulations by consulting the records of Moses. The New Testament replaces service to the law with the so-called "Christian freedom" and does away with the holidays and sabbath along with the rest of the body of laws. Paul explicitly stated: "Therefore do not let anyone judge you with respect to food or drink, or in the matter of a feast, new moon, or Sabbath days; these are only the shadow of the things to come ... but you should confirm Christian freedom." Thus, here the apostle Paul equates the ban on eating pork and the command to sanctify the sabbath and repeals both of them. The Christian church in Europe, both before and after the Reformation, recognized no sabbath and no sabbath service until an English sect introduced them, - principally because of the secular interests and the imperiousness of the clergy and because of "Christian propaganda."

The praying and preaching that the pious Americans practice in churches, on the streets, in meetings and group conversions remind one of the dissembling of the Pharisees and hypocrites, described as they were in the New Testament, as inwardly misled. The originator of the Christian religion castigates, using the severest words, public prayer in schools, meetings and on the streets and said, whoever wants to pray should seek solitude. In America the "pious" constantly have a prayer in their hands just like the loafer has his curse, and one can dispute both of their worths.

The ban on enjoying wine and other intoxicating beverages is founded by neither the Old or New Testaments. Wine was first valued as a gift from divinity. According to the New Testament Christ participated in many happy drinking parties and at Cana's wedding he purportedly, at the end of a jolly bout when all the guests were drunk, turned water into the famous wine and treated the guests. The entire Christian world, all of the leaders of the Christian church as well as father Noah never condemned wine, but on the contrary valued it as a "gift of god." Only non-Christian people of the Turks and Islam don't drink wine, etc. because the Koran forbids it. America's "pious" have lifted this ban on wine from the Koran and enacted it as a church rule. The have thereby taken on a teaching in view of the fact that they must declare that Jesus and the apostles were all drinkers.

But let's look further. The believers in Islam, the Mohammedans, have substituted opium and opiates for wine and alcohol. People still want something to take away their cares. The entire people of the Mohammedans seem to have given into the enjoyment of opiates. They have thrown out wine and brought in opium. We can refer to many church conventions of Presbyterians, Methodists, etc. that have sworn off wine but at the same time refused to declare the enjoyment of opium as sinful. And so the entire American nation becomes addicted to these intoxicants enjoyed in all the pious circles of preachers and temperance agitators.

If we carry our comparison further, we should cite the words of the Christian authors, which states: "I give you a new law, that you should love one another." American Christians seem to know little about this Christian law, for their church and their pious people persecute with hate and meanness all who do not subscribe and live according to the just-mentioned Jewish and Islamic teachings. Yes, they consider it Christian to join up with loafers, rogues, and riffraff (see the new temperance law) in order to exterminate those who don't want to know anything about the Jewish and Islamic rules.

That's how American Christianity looks under the spotlight.